What do we do? 

We use creative media to introduce the people of the Middle East to the truth of God's love. All our events and productions contain a message of hope, grace and mercy, demonstrating that every individual is of value regardless of age, gender, faith, ability or socio-economic position. 

Whether it's teaching children about forgiveness through an animated TV show, showing women that they are equal and valued through our powerful campaign films, serving traumatised refugees at a media therapy workshop, or filming the testimony of a Gulf believer's journey to Christ, everything we do is designed to create an encounter with the love of God and the hope of the Gospel. Through media, we can reach beyond borders, past censors and into people's hearts, homes and lives with seeds of biblical truth.

How do we do it?

Over the last 40 years, we have produced powerful TV shows, a top-selling magazine, radio shows, apps, animations, websites, and training programmes, to communicate the Gospel in culturally relevant ways.

Our programmes are broadcast throughout the Middle East and beyond, and are developed into educational curricula to be used by other non-profit organisations. We also provide in-house media training at all levels, offering children and young people a valuable skill to enable them to obtain purposeful work within an influential industry.

Our EU and USA teams exist solely to fund the work of our North Africa and Gulf teams, which are locally led. MEM staff in the region include include scriptwriters, filmmakers, animators, web specialists, directors, editors, marketers and more, who take all projects from concept to script to screen. All our programmes are made and aired in Arabic, and we have the facilities to dub them into any language.

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How did we get started? 

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MEM was founded in Lebanon in 1975. Initially MEM used literature and magazines to communicate, including Magalla, which was one of the best-selling magazine in the region. In the mid 1980s we created a TV department, focusing initially on high quality children’s animation. As technology developed, new opportunities arose – MEM now uses websites, 3D animation, social media, Youtube, online radio and mobile phone apps as well as our own WebTV channel to communicate about God's love and hope to the people of the region.

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Why do we do it? 

We believe in the transformative power of the Gospel in every area of people's lives, whether spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical. We want to see the people of the Middle East transformed by a real encounter with the living God. As it reaches a mass audience, we want to use media in a strategic way to reach millions of Arabic-speaking people with seeds of biblical truth.

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Where do we work?

We physically work within the Middle East and North Africa and have bases in North Africa and the Gulf. However, the beauty of media is that our programmes and training resources reach Arabic-speaking people throughout the world.

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How are we funded?

MEM is primarily donor supported, receiving financial support from individuals, foundations, trusts and churches. 

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