MEM was founded in Lebanon in 1975. Initially MEM used literature and magazines to communicate, including Magalla, which was one of the best-selling magazines in the region. In the mid 1980s we created a TV department, focusing initially on high quality children’s animation.

As technology developed, new opportunities arose – MEM now uses websites, 3D animation, online radio, mobile apps and more to communicate transformative messages of God's hope to the people of the region.

To date, MEM has trained around 12,000 people in media and development throughout the Middle East. Currently 240 people working full time in Christian media throughout the Middle East were trained by MEM, including Christian satellite TV staff and media ministry leaders in most of the large Arabic churches.


1975     Middle East Media founded in Lebanon.

1976     Magalla published, one of the best-selling magazines in the Middle East.

1985     TV ministry launches, focusing on children’s animation. We were one of the original investors in Veggie Tales, and partnered with them in training our own animation department. We also created His Kids, which became a phenomenally popular children’s series.

1995     MEM creates SAT-7, the first ever Arabic Christian Satellite TV station.

1996     SAT-7 becomes a standalone entity.

1999     Launch of our Internet ministry, reaching both seekers and new believers with chat rooms.

2005    Produced the first Arabic Bible download. Local charitable organisation is established.

2007     A second base in the Gulf is established: from here we work throughout the Arabian peninsular including Yemen. 

2008    MEM’s first multi-media cross-platform ministry launches with Mariam's Diary (now known as Nisa'a women's project).

2009    Training of trainers begins in partnership with local non-profit organisations

2011     The Arab Spring creates many opportunities for our productions on TV, Radio and Internet. Begin to produce webisodes about key issues causing widespread on-line debate.

Launch of Arabian Dawn, an online video series of Gulf believers’ testimonies.

2013     Our pro-democracy programmes air up to 25 times a day on various national TV stations in one North African country alone.  

October - commence Iraq Radio Refuge. Train young Iraqi Christians in audio skills, so they can broadcast their own radio messages of hope, encouragement and reconciliation to their communities.  

2014     Launch WebTV, aimed at teens and young adults, with a phenomenal reception in the first few months.

October - Future Leaders launches, aiming to train at least 300 new church and media leaders.

2015   MEM celebrates its 40th anniversary!

The Gulf team begins training local believers from a Muslim background (BMBs), including the development of I Believe, But, an online discipleship course for BMBs. Arabian Dawn testimonies are viewed well over 700,000 times, and hundreds of people got in touch to find out more about the Gospel.

2016     Nisa’a, our women’s online magazine, has 41 writers on its staff, has gained over 290,000 likes on Facebook, over 4000 subscribers on YouTube and over 70,000 monthly views.

Gain rights to animate 66 stories of the Action Bible, a comic-book style Bible for children and young people, in Arabic.

Launch of Serving Refugees project, to make our training and media available to refugees in the Middle East and Europe.

2017     Filming begins for On Bended Knee, a 365-episode series of poetry, prose and prayer for the Gulf in the local Arabic dialect. 

Production of Life in the Desert begins - a 3D animated series to bring hope to vulnerable children, including refugees, through the example of an inspirational young girl and her interaction with the stories of the Bible.