I Believe, But... 

I Believe, But... is an online video series designed to answer seemingly insurmountable questions that new believers from a Muslim background face on a daily basis, such as "I have more than one wife, what do I do?" or "How can I support myself now my family has rejected me?" The series is intended for satellite broadcast as well as for use in a safe and accessible online environment. It will be both practical and biblical, and will explore the day-to-day issues that new believers face living in a Muslim society. This series gives otherwise-unreachable new Christians an outlet for their struggles, answers to their questions, and tools to help grow them into a deeper relationship with God. 

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Arabian Dawn

Arabian Dawn is a series of video testimonies from believers in the Gulf, sharing their faith journey to Christ. It aims to reassure those who are questioning Islam, and to encourage other Arab Christians that they aren’t alone. These testimonies, produced in partnership with Arab World Media, demonstrate that there are local, indigenous Christians in every part of the Arabian Peninsula and that they can live side by side with fellow Muslims. It also challenges the common misconception that becoming a Christian requires a total change of cultural identity. The testimonies are filmed sensitively to protect the identities of those involved and are told exclusively in their own words. Our desire is that God will use these testimonies to attract others to look more closely at the claims of Jesus and his Word. 

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People of the Land

We want to equip and mentor new believers from a Muslim background in the Gulf, or the 'People of the Land', to train them to create Christian media in their own Gulf dialect to reach their own people. This will include some of the 'On Bended Knee' productions. We are expecting that some of them will join our Gulf team and will oversee content and creative development. Lord willing, we will see additional teams created in other areas of the Gulf as well. The participants will be holistically nurtured on a spiritual, emotional basis as well as given practical media production skills. It is our hope to build bridges between these individuals and other believers, so we can learn from them and they learn from us in a safe environment while producing media that millions of their countrymen will have access to online and on Christian satellite TV.

The goal of On Bended Knee, in partnership with fervent Gulf believers, is to produce 365 short film clips of poetry, prose and prayers in the Gulf dialect. We have produced 52 episodes so far that has provided believers from a Muslim background a voice to express there life-transformation.

These clips will provide new believers with a safe way to voice their desires for their own people, and give them an opportunity to share from their hearts what God has revealed to them. We expect the clips will inspire viewers and encourage active engagement with our follow up networking system. Gulf Arabs who are seeking and who already believe are experiencing comfort, encouragement, and new growth as they are exposed to the words of their own people sharing scripture, their transformational experiences and prayers for their fellow countrymen. Muslims will hear national believers lifting up the needs of their country and people to Jesus. We hope these short clips are shattering the long-held beliefs that Muslims don’t come to Jesus and Christians don’t pray.  

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