Sow Seeds of Transformation with your Legacy

It's hard to imagine the Gospel message of hope and reconciliation permeating through every level of society in Arabic-speaking countries. Yet together; we can make this a reality with the power of media, training, and development.

A number of our supporters, after remembering their friends and family, choose to take up this mission by leaving a gift in their Will to Middle East Media.

We use creative media to introduce the people of the Middle East to the truth of God's love. All our events and productions contain a message of hope, grace and mercy, demonstrating that every individual is of value regardless of age, gender, faith, ability or socio-economic position. 

Whether it's teaching children about forgiveness through an animated TV show, showing women that they are equal and valued through our powerful campaign films, serving traumatised refugees at a media therapy workshop, or filming the testimony of a Gulf believer's journey to Christ, everything we do is designed to create an encounter with the love of God and the hope of the Gospel. Through media, we can reach beyond borders, past censors and into people's hearts, homes and lives with seeds of biblical truth.

Since being founded in 1975, MEM's approach has been to remove misconceptions about Christianity in the Middle East,  plant seeds of biblical truth, share aspects of the Gospel that contrast with the majority of people's deeply held beliefs, and show how the Gospel relates to all areas of the human journey.

We outwork this with three interconnected aspects of our work; producing media for TV and other projects, training people in media and leadership skills, and development work with the vulnerable and marginalised in society. 

None of this would be possible without supporters like you, who give, pray regularly, and leave legacies to MEM - thank you.

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The MEM Legacy Brochure

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