Pray for Middle Eastern school children

A rare glimmer of hope in the Middle East is the children who keep returning to school to receive an education, despite the conflict, devastation and hopelessness around them. But there are many more for whom it is simply too dangerous to get to school, or there are no schools left.

It is estimated that 40% of Middle Eastern children are unable to attend school because of ongoing conflicts, as populations are displaced and schools themselves are either damaged or being used as shelters and makeshift hospitals.(1

In the midst of violence and instability, school is a place of learning and opportunity, a sanctuary for healing and health, and a haven of normalcy and hope for the future. Education not only increases the chances that, someday, children will be able to support themselves and seek a better life for their families; it also provides them with the skills to rebuild their societies. And it can instill in them a desire to seek reconciliation when the conflicts have been resolved and the catastrophes have ended.
— Anthony Lake, Director of UNICEF

Please pray for education in the Middle East:

  • That conflicts across the Middle East would come to an end, to allow life to return to normal and children to receive an education
  • Thank God for the brave teachers and children who continue to pursue education, despite the dangers around them, and pray for their protection
  • For those who are unable to attend school, that they would have access to other means of education such as books, media and TV shows
  • For our North Africa team and the Serving Refugees project - one of the aims is to provide education to children in refugee camps. Read more about our work with refugees here.

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