Call2Prayer: Muslim Children and OBK

This week we would like to pray for our On Bended Knee (OBK) project and specifically the children’s episodes. As you may already know, our On Bended Knee project’s aim is to produce short clips of poetry, prose, and prayer, while training up believers from a Muslim background (BMBs) in media so that they are able to reach their own communities. Poetry is a massive part of the culture of the Middle East but especially in the Gulf. It is a part of everyday life and something that all citizens partake in. 

During the process of making these episodes, BMBs talked about how they had no videos to be able to share with their own children. Often children of BMBs will grow up with a lot of confusion and anxiety around religion due to the secrecy of being a BMB within the Gulf. During this time, we were also approached by one of our partners, Al Hayat TV, who asked us for more children’s TV shows as this was an area they wanted to expand on. On the back of this, we decided to create 23 children’s episodes which will be a part of the OBK episodes. However, we don’t just want these clips to be for children of BMBs but for all children within the Gulf to be able to learn from. Each animated episode will have a bible message so that as children enjoy the clips they will also be learning about Jesus, faith, and love. We want more children to be learning about Christianity and asking questions about faith to be able to make their own decision when they are old enough. 

The 23 episodes have already had their scripts written by school children. These scripts have then been edited by mothers who also added in biblical messages to each one. The next stage is to animate each episode by our team in the Gulf. For us, it is vital that all aspects of these episodes come from local believers, as this will make it more appealing and relevant to children and adults watching them in the Gulf. 

Most countries in the Gulf are extremely closed to other religions and sharing Christian information is not allowed. However, the majority of citizens have satellite TV which allows us to show Christian media to all with a TV and they can also access our media through the internet. 

To complete the episodes, we need funding. We have funding for 13.5 episodes but need funding for the remaining 9.5. We would like to turn in prayer this week for these children’s episodes and for the funding. 

Please pray with us that:

  • BMBs will be filled with God’s vision and creativity to produce all the On Bended Knee clips. 

  • The clips would open hearts to God’s word and become hungry for more. People would be actively seeking out more information about God. 

  • Funding would be provided for the remaining 9.5 episodes before the end of 2019. 

  • Children’s episodes would enable open conversations between parents and children about religion and faith. 

  • BMBs would feel empowered to go on and continually produce culturally relevant media for you Lord. 

If, as well as praying, you feel called to give towards this project you can go to our giving page and make a donation there.