Update on LITD Training

Our North African team have been busy training and empowering partner organisations and groups to provide our Life in the Desert training programme. Although around 3,000 children (mostly Syrian) have gone through this programme, there are still many more traumatised children across the region. In June this year we took this training to rural North Africa and trained 100 facilitators from 70 villages.

We helped them to process their own trauma, before training them to use the programme to bring healing and restoration to children in their villages. You may remember in our Christmas campaign we shared that we have been asked to take this training into Sudan, Gaza, and Iraq. This year we’ve also had a request to take this training into the country of Jordan.

Please continue to pray for this vital project and the lives that it will bring healing and restoration to. Pray that we will have the resources to take this training into the countries listed above.

Did you know:

  • More than 35% pf Syrian children refugees are diagnosed with PTSD?

  • 94.9% of children in Gaza are classified as having severe anxiety levels?

  • 1 in 3 Syrian refugees suffer from depression or anxiety?

Thank you for joining us in bringing healing to these children and many more.