Children's Animated Episodes

Together we have raised enough to fund 13.5 children’s episodes for Muslim Children - Thank you!

Could we pray together that the funds for 9.5 more episodes would be found in the coming weeks?


You may remember in our last MEMO/Ramadan Prayer guide we were raising funds to be able to produce 23 short animated videos for Muslim children. Many of you, our supporters, gave generously towards this project and we’re excited to see these videos produced towards the end of this year and into early 2020.

The 23 scripts for these animated episodes have already been written and will be centred around bible stories. Children in the region can grow up with confusion and tension around religion, faith, and God. This is especially true if the parents of these children change their religion, such as children of BMBs.

The children’s episodes are due to the feedback we have had about the needs of BMBs and we want to show them that their families are valued and that Christians across the world are wanting to support them. Also, a major satellite TV channel have requested these episodes as they identified a lack of children’s material in their programming and hope that they will reach Muslim children.

Children in the region are often forbidden to ask faith related questions and we hope that these episodes will encourage their questionioning, searching for truth, and learning about Christianity. The children who will be reached by these episodes are the future leaders and decision makers who will shape what the Middle East and North Africa look like in the years to come. Our desire is to see more open conversations about faith so that people can make their own decisions. We also know that Muslim parents sit with their children to watch Christian animation, which is an incredible opportunity to start vital discussions about faith.

We’re really excited to see the impact of these episodes. But we would ask that you would pray with us that the funding gap would be met and that children across the region would be impacted.