Call2Prayer: Partnerships that bring strength

Our work would not be possible without the support and assistance of our amazing partner organisations and ministries. That is why this week we would like to pray for all our partners who help us sow seeds of transformation across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

One of our key partners is SAT-7, which is a Christian satellite TV channel. As many of our supporters will be aware SAT-7 was established by us in 1995. After MEM invested 2 years of research and development it was decided that creating SAT-7 as a separate entity in 1996 would be of benefit to both organisations. Since then we have worked together closely producing high quality Christian media for SAT-7 to show on their channel. 

However, SAT-7 are not the only organisation we partner with. We also work with Open Doors International, Damit Menschen Gott (DMG) and Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Württemberg (ELKW) here in Europe. In MENA, we partner with Pioneers-AWM Media, Al-Hayat, Kingdom Sat and Miracle Channel, and others, all of whom have large audiences across the region. These partners enable more people to hear about Christianity. We also work to support and collaborate on existing fruitful projects through sharing resources and ideas. There is so much amazing work happening across the region and we are excited to support our brothers and sisters in helping more people come to Jesus Christ. 

While we have many partners across MENA, we also work practically with many project partners who commission us to do work for them. We have produced work for the Bible Project, Biblica – Intl Bible Society, United Bible Society, the UN, UNICEF, and many other Christian and public organizations. Our reputation of producing high quality media that is authentic to the region has opened up doors to big organisations like these. 

Although we work with many high-profile charities and organisation we also work with many local ministries and charities that we are unable to name due to security concerns. These ministries and charities are often the ones on the front line providing the needed support to the most vulnerable. An example of this would be the 20+ NGOs we partnered with across North Africa who work to stop human trafficking and child brides within the region using our media. We also partner with ministries in Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan, who go into refugee camps and through our Life in the Desert project help to provide psychological healing to children. These ministries are doing extremely difficult and emotionally draining work and are unable to claim any international exposure because of security concerns. 

This is why it is important that we thank God for our partners, both named and unnamed, and pray for continued protection and relationships with them.

Please join us in praying that:

  • Our relationships with our current partners would stay strong and grow over the next 5 years. 

  • Our unnamed partners would prosper in their vital work and be safe in all they do. 

  • We would continually listen to God and ensure that all partnerships are to fulfil his work. 

  • God would continually open new doors and new partners would come forward. 

  • We would be able to serve our partners in the best way possible and all projects would shine God’s light on MENA. 

We thank God for all our connections across MENA and praise Him for the opportunities he provides us with.