Call2Prayer: Pray for Fathers and Fatherhood

Sunday 16th June is Father’s Day in many countries across the world including in the UK and US. It is an important day to celebrate and thank fathers and father figures in our lives. The role of all fathers is to provide unconditional love, care, protection, discipline, education and a love and knowledge of the almighty Father to their children. 

In the Middle East, fathers are often figures to be respected and revered but not someone you could go to with a question especially about faith or religion. As we get close to Father’s Day we want to pray specifically for our project Tamer’s Questions, which promotes fathers taking a closer role in their children’s lives and helps encourage children to ask questions about faith. 

Tamer’s Questions is a 13-episode series in which each episode Tamer asks his father a question he has about God and religion. His father sits down with him and answers his questions which are illustrated in a cartoon helping Tamer to easily understand. We want to encourage children to ask questions to help them grow in their faith. We also want to encourage parents to answer their children’s questions and not shy away from them. We believe this will help build up a generation of children who have a strong foundation of faith but also a strong relationship with their parents. 

Christians see God as a Father figure we can celebrate our joys with, lean on during turmoil, and from whom we get our moral compass. Muslims see this view of God as very alien. Through our project Tamer’s Questions, we want children of all faiths to learn more about God the Father who loves them all unconditionally and has boundless grace. 

But now, O Lord, you are our Father;
    we are the clay, and you are our potter;
    we are all the work of your hand.

Isaiah 64:8

Please join us in praying that:

  • Fathers across the world, but especially in the Middle East and North Africa, would continue to grow the positive impact that they have on children and families.

  • Those who do not have fathers would have family members who could support them and that they would have the strength to do so.

  • Our teams would have creativity and wisdom in the production process of filming Tamer’s Questions. Ask God to guide them in all aspects of this project.

  • More people across the region would turn and find the Almighty Father and give their hearts to Him.

  • Children who have difficult relationships with their fathers would come to know their Heavenly Father and be transformed.