Call2Prayer: Muslims finding refuge in God

We are now in the final ashra of Ramadan. Muslims will be using these final 10 days to pray fervently as this ashra is seen as more important and superior to the other stages. Laylat al-Qadr, which is believed to be the day Allah revealed the Quran to the Prophet Mohammed, is observed during this ashra on the 31st of May, therefore the prayers during this time will be counted higher than in other times of the year. 

This ashra is also a time when Muslims specifically pray for safety from the fires of hell.  Muslims do not believe they are guaranteed to go to heaven, therefore this is an important time to pray as the prayers have higher value. 

We praise God that Muslims know and recognise that all humans are sinful and need God’s mercy. We pray that during this time of intense prayer they would find Jesus Christ. We pray that they would become curious and want to know more about the man who died on a cross to take away our sin. 

Our project, On Bended Knee, is helping to make Muslims curious and break down cultural barriers. Believers from a Muslim background (BMB) are writing poetry, prose and prayers in their local dialects to express their faith. Poetry and prayer are a large part of the lives of Arabs living within the Gulf. They enjoy using it in all aspects of their lives, from family and faith to politics. Gulf believers demonstrate through creative videos that if they convert to Christianity they do not need to lose their cultural identity, which is a key misconception about Christianity in the region. 

We ask that you turn with us in prayer this week for Muslims across the globe during the last Ashra of Ramadan. 

Please join us in Praying that:

  • During this intense time of prayer, the Lord would reveal himself to Muslims across the world.

  • BMBs in strictly Islamic countries will be protected and have strength during Ramadan. And that they would continue to learn more about God.

  • Our On Bended Knee project would continue to flourish and open the hearts of Muslims across the Middle East. Please specifically pray for the videos being created this year to reach children across the region.

  • Christians across the region, and throughout the world, would continue to be thankful to God for all He is doing and all He has done through Jesus.