Call2Prayer: True forgiveness for Muslims

If you’re following our Ramadan Prayer Guide, you’ll see that we have just entered the second ashra (the Arabic word for ten) of Ramadan. These ten days focus on forgiveness, where Muslims believe that Allah’s forgiveness is at its peak. Muslims will be repenting of their sins, as well as forgiving fellow Muslims. Significantly, Muslims aim to read the whole Quran during Ramadan and by day 16 many will be reading Surah 19, which tells the story of Jesus’ birth and life.

During this time of repentance, Muslims are taught to promise that they will not commit the same sin again. As Christians, we know that repentance of sin and a commitment to change is vital. However, promising to never do the sin again is not always sustainable, which is why we need Jesus. Islam is conditional and ambiguous when it comes to forgiveness. There is no guarantee for Muslims that they will go to heaven and despite these ten days being the point where Allah’s forgiveness is at its peak, there is still the possibility that Allah will not forgive them.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

Our Head of Video Production at MEM, Mark, recently explained to us that he is inspired by his Muslim friends during Ramadan. They pray and worship Allah with all that they have and they believe all that they are taught, with great commitment. He went further to say that it comes down to the fact that they believe what they believe because that is the only information they have access to, but that they are actively trying to seek God.

Part of our approach is to share aspects of the Gospel that contrast with peoples deeply held beliefs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). True forgiveness is one of the parts we promote in our media. During this time of Ramadan, we pray that as Muslims ask questions of Islam and start to read about Jesus in the Quran, they will search for the truth and find our media online and on satellite television. 

This is a critical time for us to pray for Muslims across the world. Please join with us in praying for them to understand what true forgiveness is – in the person of Jesus.

Join with us in praying that:

  •  Muslims will start to question their deeply held belief and start the journey of discovering life-transforming forgiveness in Jesus.

  • As Muslims read about Jesus’ birth and life in Surah 19, the Holy Spirit will speak to them and reveal who Jesus truly was, the Son of God.

  • Christians would rally across the world to bring the Gospel message in culturally relevant ways to Muslims everywhere.

  • As Muslims start searching for truth, they would come across our media, which explains different aspects of Christianity and that they would also find communities around them for spiritual support.