Focus On Prayer: Believers from a Muslim Background

Believers from a Muslim Background (BMB’s) face many challenges. When they make a decision to follow Jesus, their families are expected to kill them, or at the very least completely reject them and no longer see them as part of their family. If that wasn’t enough, when they come to know the truth of God, they want to share the Gospel message with those around them. They often do this unwisely and can end up dead or imprisoned. 

You may remember the story of Basma from last year. She became a Christian and had to flee her country over 15 years ago as her life was in danger. She left her husband and three children behind and now years later, Basma has reconnected with her children, with the help of Facebook. This kind of situation can often be the cost of converting from Islam in the Middle East. 

Media is an incredible tool to help and reach these individuals. Our projects such as Got IT! help to clear up misconceptions that they might have about being a Christian, whereas On Bended Knee and Safe Haven provide support and empowerment for these new believers to stay safe, while also sharing the Gospel through Media. 

Prayer Points

  • Pray for believers from a Muslim background to stay safe and be discipled to use wisdom in sharing about their new faith.

  • Pray that Basma’s son will be protected as he is imprisoned with Islamic extremists and that her daughters will keep asking questions about Jesus and Christianity. 

  • Pray for our projects that empower these new believers to use media to communicate their messages of hope and transformation.