Future Leaders Course Goes Ahead!


What an answer to prayer!

Thank you so much for your prayers for Future Leaders (our discipleship, leadership and filmmaking course for young Middle Eastern Christians). You may remember that the course was in jeopardy, as a ban was placed on all Christian events in the North African country in which we work due to fears of terrorist attacks.

Well, we're pleased to say that not only was the course able to go ahead, but that it was one of our most successful yet! Over 60 teenagers and young adults attended our course last week, to learn more about God and His Word and to create culturally engaging media productions for their friends and communities.

Prayers of thanksgiving for Future Leaders:

  • Thank God that He answered our prayers and that the course was able to go ahead.
  • Thank God for the courage and commitment of our young participants, that they attended the course even despite rumours of unrest! 
  • Thank God for His protection over the event, that everyone was kept safe, especially while travelling.
  • Thank God for the valuable skills that these young Christians gained last week to equip them as leaders and media makers. Our participants produced 4 films to teach their friends and communities about God in culturally relevant ways, on topics that were close to their hearts.
  • Pray for the reach of these films, which have already been viewed tens of thousands of times on Facebook - that they would make a huge impact in young people's lives and start their journey towards God.

What is Future Leaders?

Future Leaders has been developed to enable the church in the Arab world to grow, remain relevant and sustainable in a time of fast and exponential change. In a region where extremist groups such as ISIS are using media to spread hatred and fear, it is timely and vital to empower local Christians with media skills to counter them with virtual messages of love, reconciliation and hope. Integrating media training and leadership development, this ground-breaking project equips young Christians to impart transformational messages to their peers in the conflicted communities around them. It also gives the church the capacity to remain in close contact during times of persecution, enabling them to at least meet virtually when they are unable to meet physically.

We'll share more stories from this Future Leaders course, including testimonies from participants, in the October issue of Prayer & Praise

Thank you again for covering this event in prayer - we hope it continues to bear fruit long into the future. We are so pleased to be able to bring you this good news from the Middle East!