Future Leaders course in jeopardy amid fears of terrorist attacks on Christians

Please pray urgently for our upcoming Future Leaders media & discipleship course for young Middle Eastern Christians. One of these courses has already been cancelled due to fears of terrorist attacks on gatherings of Christians, and another course, scheduled for August, is also at risk of cancellation.

Our Future Leaders project aims to train and equip committed Middle Eastern Christian young adults as spiritual leaders and role models with advanced leadership and media skills. 

However, the Evangelical Church in the country we work in has now banned all Christian summer retreats, conferences, camps and trips until 1st August for security reasons, since groups of Christians have recently been targeted by terrorists.

We originally had a course scheduled at the end of July for 100 participants, but most of them pulled out due to fear of attacks. Because of this, we scheduled a second course to take place in August, which currently has 65 registered participants. We are so grateful that we scheduled this course as it takes place after the current ban, so should still be able to go ahead.

Renee, our North Africa Director, asks you to pray urgently:

"Please join us in prayer that this time of conferences' cancellation does not get extended to August. Please pray for full protection of the trainees and our team and that the end results would be wonderful and rewarding. As I write to you, my colleagues are receiving messages on their cell phones from their pastors and church leaders asking them to limit their social time before and after church services, not to go in groups, to walk as individuals to and from the churches, no buses or minibuses, no gatherings of any kind around churches grounds, etc. And this sounds very uncomfortable and sad, because the summer time has hundreds if not thousands of conferences, gatherings and retreats, but of course safety of the people comes first. So we appreciate your prayer support very much."

Please pray too for the participants of the August Future Leaders course, that they would have courage and wouldn't pull out of the training. In times of persecution, it is even more vital that the church is equipped with in spiritual leaders and discipleship, as well as creative media skills which enable Christians to reach out to their communities and to meet together virtually when they are unable to meet physically.

Thank you so much for your prayers for this situation.