Spotlight on Saudi Arabia

Today we're focusing our prayers on the nation of Saudi Arabia, perhaps best known for its oil production, terrible human rights record and its status as the birthplace of Islam!

Legally all Saudis are considered Muslim, and becoming a Christian is punishable by death. Despite this, the number of people coming to Christ is growing.

Please join us in praying for Saudi Arabia:

  • Pray for secret believers in Saudi Arabia, that God would protect them from harm. Thank God that people are coming to know Him despite the cost.
  • Saudi Arabia has the highest per capita YouTube use of any country in the world! Pray that Saudis would come across our media, particularly our Gulf productions like On Bended Knee and Arabian Dawn which are made in the local Gulf dialect. Pray that through Christian media like ours, people in Saudi Arabia would hear the Good News of Jesus and come to know Him.
  • Despite its image as an incredibly wealthy nation, in reality an estimated quarter of Saudis live below the poverty line, and youth unemployment and illiteracy rates are high. Please pray particularly for Saudi women, especially those who have been divorced, widowed or whose husbands cannot work - Saudi Arabia's strict religious laws mean it is hard for women to find jobs, so women without a man's income are among the poorest in the nation.
  • Please pray for our Gulf team, who are faithfully reaching out to new believers and seekers in Saudi Arabia through their productions. Pray that they would see much fruit - that God would continue to make spiritual rivers flow in the desert!

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