Pray for Dina, a Gulf seeker

Please join us in praying for Dina*, a woman who volunteers with our Gulf team at their filmmaking workshops in schools. Dina is a Muslim, but has been questioning her faith and is becoming more and more receptive to the Gospel. Our Gulf team sent us this story, and have asked us to pray for her:

"Dina has volunteered with us for 9 years now, and in that time has become more and more open about discussing her faith. She wants to know what's different about our team, as she senses a joy and peace in them which she doesn't have. 

"Usually Dina drives to the workshops in her own car, but on one particular day she decided to come along to the training in the same car as us. As she got in the car, she noticed a gift wrapped package - it contained a Bible our director Wayne had bought for someone as a gift 9 months before, but hadn’t given them yet.

"Since she was curious about it, Wayne unwrapped the Bible and handed it to her. At first, she was unsure if she could hold it, since in her own religion it is forbidden for anyone from a different religion to touch their holy book. One of our staff members, who is from a Muslim background, told her that in Christianity anyone can hold and read the Bible! 

"As she flicked through the Bible, Dina said, “I have always wanted to get more information about your religion, but it's impossible to just go and buy a Bible.” Just before we arrived at our destination, she asked if she could borrow it. Of course, Wayne told her she could keep it!

"We don’t know for sure whether she’s been reading it, but since that day she has asked members of our team to pray with her during a difficult time in her life, and has discussed with them her frustrations with her faith."

Please join us in praying for Dina and our Gulf team:

  • Pray that Dina would feel curious to read the Bible, and that God would speak to her clearly through it. Please pray that she would continue to seek God and that he would reveal himself to her.

  • Thank God for the providing Dina with a Bible through our team - God knew she had been curious about reading the Bible, so placed one directly in her path through seeming coincidences! 

  • Thank God for our Gulf team, that they are being bold in their witness and are open to opportunities to speak about Him. Their work isn't just about producing fantastic media, but is about showing Jesus to everyone they work with along the way. 

*Not her real name or photograph.