Pray for bold believers in the Gulf


Becoming a believer in the Gulf often carries a huge price tag... and yet, people continue to come to Christ! Please join us in praying for these bold believers as they risk everything - their families, jobs, homes, and even their lives - for Jesus.

Many believers from a Muslim background are involved in our On Bended Knee project - a video series of prayers, poems and prose by and for the people of the Gulf. Each one of these believers has a powerful story to tell.

One such new believer is Mark (not his real name), an elderly gentleman in his 70s. He wanted to wear a cross necklace to display his newfound faith, but couldn't find a cross big enough... so he went to the only church in his city, bought a cross keyring, and now wears it proudly around his neck every day! Despite the risks of being openly Christian in a Muslim society, he sits in his local cafe wearing his cross necklace and and waits for people to strike up conversations with him about it.


    Pray for new believers in the Gulf:

    • Thank God that people are coming to faith across the Arabian Peninsula and that they are taking huge risks to do so.
    • Please pray for the new believers we are in contact with, most of whom have had to make huge sacrifices like fleeing their homes and families. Pray that God would be close to them and strengthen them.
    • Thank God for the boldness of believers like Mark, and for the impact they are having on those around them.
    • Please pray for the On Bended Knee video project. We have filmed several episodes now, including a powerful poem in the Omani Arabic dialect. Poetry is an important part of Arab culture, so we hope these videos will show that becoming a Christian doesn't mean a loss of cultural identity (a common misconception).
    • Pray for the families of these new believers, who are often the main source of persecution. Please pray that they too would come to Jesus.

    You can read more about what it's like to follow Jesus in the Gulf in the latest issue of Prayer & Praise, out now. This also includes an update on Basma, our Gulf producer who had to flee her family after she became a Christian.  Read more >

    For an alternative perspective on what it's like to follow Jesus in the Gulf, you may enjoy this episode from our I Believe, But... series. 

    In this episode, a Gulf believer from a Muslim background struggles with pride, because believers from a Christian background make him feel like he is better than them for the sacrifice he has made and the risk he has taken! 

    Watch as our hosts explain the meaning of grace, and how it counteracts pride: "For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast." - Ephesians 2:9