A blessing for 2017

Happy New Year from Middle East Media!

This powerful promise in Isaiah is something we are holding onto for the year ahead. Throughout MEM's history, God has a habit of making a way in the wilderness where it seemed impossible! We are believing this for 2017 too - in the increasingly conflicted, suffering and desperate 'wilderness' of the Middle East, God will make a way for his hope, love and justice to flow like rivers. 

Please pray for Middle East Media for the coming year, that God will use our work to bring refreshing and plant seeds of transformation in a thirsty place.

Look out for the upcoming edition of Prayer & Praise, which will further unpack these verses in Isaiah and their relevance to our work, particularly in the Gulf!

We pray this blessing will be true in your own lives, too - that you would be rivers in the desert wherever you are, and that God will make a way for you in whatever wilderness you may be facing.

Thank you so much for your continued support of MEM and our work as we head into a New Year.