Join with Iraqi Christians in their day of prayer for their nation

Up to 50,000 Iraqi Christians are expected to join together in Erbil today to pray for their country. 

Among them will be some of the thousands of persecuted Christians who were displaced by ISIS, and some of those who escaped will share their testimonies. The event will be broadcast live on SAT-7, one of our partner organisations.

ISIS has been losing territory in Iraq for the past year. Recently many Iraqi Christians were able to return to their homes, and were able to once more ring out the church bells which have been silent since the occupation began.

Please join with Iraqi Christians today in praying for the nation of Iraq:

- Pray for the liberation of the Iraqi town of Mosul. Mosul is the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq, and Iraqi forces have been battling to free the city for the past several weeks. Their are upwards of 700,000 people still trapped in Mosul. The liberation of the city is likely to take several more weeks or months, but please pray for a swift end to the conflict and safety for those who are fighting and for those who are longing to return home.

- Thank God for the faithful witness of Iraqi Christians! Many Christians have stayed in Iraq despite intense persecutions, and are now attempting to rebuild their towns, homes and lives. Pray for their safety as they meet together today to intercede for their homeland. We can also thank God for the many Christian towns and villages which have already been freed from ISIS control.

- Pray for the healing of the land, and for the people. One of the aims of today's day of prayer is to pray over the land that was defiled by ISIS, to reclaim it for God's glory. Join Iraqi Christians in praying for spiritual healing for the land, its towns and its people, many of whom will be traumatised after living under tyranny for over 2 years. 

- Pray for the future of Iraq, and the Middle East. Fabian Greche, a Christian leader in northern Iraq, told CBN News: "We easily get affected by darkness around us. It affects us, but if we look at Jesus and at His Word we see that God wants to pour out His Spirit. He's coming back for a Bride and He will have one in the Middle East." 


For more information on the Iraqi's day of prayer and more ideas for how to pray for Iraq, visit SAT-7's website here

Image: Huffington Post