Will you give her a voice?

In many Middle Eastern countries a woman's voice is only worth half of a man's.

This means that if a woman is mistreated or assaulted, it takes at least 2 women to testify against a man who has committed this crime. Across this society women are devalued, taught that they are inferior, and can be severely restricted throughout their entire lives.

 The emotional and psychological trauma that this causes can cripple a women's belief in who she is, and certainly stops her from being able to comprehend a loving and caring Father in heaven.


Women in the Middle East

> 1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.*
> 133 Million women alive today have experienced Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).*
> More than 6 in 10 women who have survived violence refrain from asking for support or protection of any kind.*

*Statistics taken from UN Women - Arab States/North Africa.

Bring hope to these women

To change a society that has devalued women like this for generations takes time. However, it all starts with each and every Arab woman coming to know who she has been created to be. It begins with every woman finding their own voice, and it requires healing from what has happened to them.

We believe that, as Christians, it is a priority to stand with these women - support, love, and empower them to transform their own society. With this in mind, we run projects across the region that aim to give women a voice. Women are finding healing through our Art & Drama therapy workshops, they are finding a voice in meet-ups where they can share what’s happened to them, and they are being empowered by the awareness that is brought to these issues through our media platforms across the region, including a popular online magazine.

“During the sharing sessions, I thought we were only going to dismiss our sufferings, and turn them into words to vanish once I uttered them. I didn’t realize that, by these words, we were building bridges to connect us all together. I’m grateful to everyone who participated in creating these bridges, and thank you, MEM, for being the architect who supervised the process.” Ashaki*

*Name changed for security reasons.

We rely completely on the support of generous people, like you, to make all of this work possible. Despite the physical distance, you can still stand with these Arab women, help them to break the silence and find their own voice. Your support truly matters to them.

Would you consider making donation to this transformative work? A monthly regular donation will help us plan for the future and expand the work that we currently do.