Bring healing to traumatised children across the

Middle East and North Africa through media



“My father was an Islamic extremist. I was taught at an early age to kill people, carry guns, and be ready to bomb myself to defend my religion and nation. When I was 6 my mother was slaughtered by extremists. My younger brother and I stayed with her body for two days before being rescued. We tried everything to bring her back to life but everything failed.”

“When I was going through the Life in the Desert training, we watched the first episode and when Farah lost her mother, it brought back the entire trauma experience of losing my own mother. I didn’t want to watch anymore or take the children I work with through the programme. But I persisted with the training and watched the first 4 episodes, and by the end of the day I was the first to say that I believe Life in the Desert is the best thing I’ve ever seen to help traumatised children by highlighting the God of the Bible, who heals pain and helps His children grow and mature.”

* Name and photo changed for security reasons.

Join us in bringing healing to traumatised children

Our Life in the Desert project focuses on a 3D animated series about a girl named Farah who loses her mother and has to go and live with her father. The series is developed with a child’s psychologist to help children process the trauma they have experienced. Each episode of the series contains a biblical message. Through these biblical messages Farah learns how to overcome the pain she’s gone through. The series shows children that God can speak to them through His Word and He can help them overcome the incredible hardships they are going through. 

Alongside the series, we have developed a curriculum that is used with traumatised children in the Middle East and North Africa. To-date we have trained over 200 people in how to use this curriculum and they have taken this into refugee camps and poor communities, which has helped thousands of children. 

This year we are developing the second season of Life in the Desert and we have already had requests to take this training into Sudan, Jordan, Gaza, and Iraq, to help many more traumatised children. However, this is currently not possible due to funding. We are in desperate need of having regular givers supporting this life-transforming work and provide the necessary financial stability to bring healing to traumatised children. 

We currently need 50 new regular givers to enable us to plan and take this vital work into new countries and refugee camps.

By signing up to give a small amount each month, you will help to;

  1. Bring our training into countries across the Middle East and see thousands of children find healing from their trauma.

  2. Enable us to continue developing this animated series so that it can help even more people across the Middle East and North Africa.

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