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Trauma is all too common in the lives of children across the Middle East and North Africa. Whether it’s through war, religious extremism, or poverty, children can find themselves going through traumatic experiences and accepting that as a norm. Tragically these experiences cripple their emotional and psychological development. Without treatment this will have a significant impact on their futures and leave them in a very dark place. This is why we developed Life in the Desert, an animated children’s series that has been developed with a child psychologist to help bring restoration and healing to traumatised children across the Middle East.

Life in the Desert

In conjunction with a curriculum, we have screened the first episodes and/or conducted training for teachers in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Egypt. Children have been able to relate to the characters in the story by seeing how the main character Farah overcomes her trauma, meets Jesus, and finds healing.



“I cried while I was watching and I don’t know why. But I understood that somehow she touched my soul. She affected me so much, I learnt that despite the psychological hurt you come with, you’re still carried by God’s grace, and you can be that source of grace to others. You can be healed and be the reason for others healings too.”

*Sudanese facilitator who MEM trained this year to bring restoration and healing - Name and photo changed for security reasons.

Join us in meeting the need this Christmas

Out of 26 episodes, 13 will be complete and ready to be broadcast on satellite television this Christmas. We have seen Life in the Desert bring healing to so many refugees and facilitators this year; with many more stories like Amina’s above. Unfortunately, the need is great and there are many more children who need help to find restoration and healing.

Our goal is to inspire generosity this Giving Tuesday, and raise £24,880 ($31,902). Your gift towards this goal will achieve the following…

  1. Organise workshops and train 30 facilitators across Iraq, Gaza, and Sudan to work with traumatised children next year.

  2. Enable us to start working on the next 13 episodes after Christmas.

Please give generously and help us to bring restoration and healing to traumatised children across the Middle East.